November 7, 2017


Espresso being prepared from coffee machine

Your coffee can only be as good as your baristas. We understand the importance of having well-trained staff for a coffee shop, and we have seen a lack of good training options in Morocco.

We offer basic-level education for baristas. First and foremost, we aim to improve a baristas coffee knowledge so they understand the variables that go into making an excellent coffee. We offer training on dialing-in and coffee prep, equipment cleaning and maintenance, and workflow.

We are not an SCA certified lab, but we can offer a strong baseline training for your staff. This course is ideal for a new coffee shop, or for a coffee shop that wants to improve the competence of their staff.

Along with training, we can help you locate equipment to improve your bar service. A lot of the equipment we recommend and work with is not readily available in Morocco. We can work with you to import staples like tamps, knock boxes, scales, and espresso machine cleaner.

Please fill out the form below with information about your training needs, and we will reply with more information and a quote.