Guatemala Blend

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Originally designed to be a well-balanced espresso, the Guatemala Blend also makes for a good cup of coffee all day.  Our Guatemala Blend is a blend of our Brazil, Colombian, and Guatemalan coffees.  Our Brazil Monte Cristo coffee comes from the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil. It is certified by the Rain-forest Alliance.  It scores a perfect 10 on sweetness and makes for the perfect base to our Guatemala Blend.  Our Colombian coffee comes from a cooperative in the Huila region of Colombia.  It adds a citric punch to the Blend. Our Guatemalan Coffee with its sweet and spicy notes of natural vanilla and milk chocolate with its full-bodied-ness just rounds out this amazing blend.

Guatemala Blend Cupping Notes


Hints of Vanilla, Almond and Soft Chocolate


Well balanced, full-body, creamy, and sweet.

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