Clever Dripper – 500ml

250 Dhs inc. TVA

Clever Dripper – Great little filter coffee brewer


These great little filter coffee brewers offer the best of both brewing styles! Similar in shape to a pour over brew, the big difference here is that there is a stop tap at the bottom of the cone.  This means you can put your coffee in, pour your water over and steep for a desired amount of time.  To drain the cone simply place the brewer on top of your cup and it opens up the tap and drains out.  There is a small saucer for it to rest on to catch any drips, and a lid to keep the brew hot while steeping.

  • Supplied with a lid to aid heat retention
  • Supplied with a coaster to help keep sides clean
  • Uses size 4 flat bottom filters

Please note – the box does not include filter papers.


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